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Grande Verge Alpacas

Grande Verge Alpacas

Grande Verge Alpacas


Australia's newest range of goods supplying Alpaca Owners & Breeders. COME ON IN!!

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Trading Policies for GrandeVerge ABN 83990541697

The GrandeVerge philosophy of trading is simple;

"We do everything we can to provide you with exceptional sales and service delivery."

However, in the event that you have had, or are experiencing a problem, please tell us about it, and we guarantee that we will do all that is within our power to fix the problem as soon as we possibly can.

Afterall, we want our customers to be happy and to tell others of the positive experiences they had dealing with us!!

The following list represents a general disclosure of the trading conditions that can apply when dealing with Grandeverge;

1. Stock Sourcing The goods for sale in our "on-line" store are sourced from a variety of import companies, general wholesale suppliers, or in many instances direct from the manufacturers. GrandeVerge does not manufacture any of the goods that are re-sold at this website, nor have any financial stakeholding or interest in any of it's supplier entities.

2. Supply Chain Management The owners of GrandeVerge may not always maintain supply stockpiles of each and every item for re-sale at this website. Thus, any particular item or group of goods may sit within any of the aforementioned supply entities stockholdings. GrandeVerge even has arrangements with some suppliers to save our clients time and money by shipping goods direct from their warehouses to you. Thus, if you order multiple goods, these might arrive in separate shipments on different days having been sent/sourced from different places.

3. Delivery Grandeverge will, at it's discretion, utilise the most efficient means available to fulfil a delivery order. Efficiency has both time and cost elements. This may include delivery via Australia Post, or by our couriers Star Track Express, or a subcontractor as either entity might engage from time to time. Furthermore, a supplier company may engage different courier companies at different times in order to complete their own delivery arrangements.

4. Timeframe We have your money, so we want to get those goods to you as soon as practicable! If we have it in stock, we will pack and post your order within 24 hours of receipt of your payment, if that falls on a business day, excluding local public holidays as applicable. However, should some goods be coming from a supplier to you on a direct from warehouse basis, dispatch will be on that companies dispatch terms which can vary slightly from company to company. If dispatch is likely to be prolonged we will contact you and give you the opportunity to rescind your order. Please be aware that stock feeding and watering equipment can particularly take some time to deliver as explained on that items web page descriptor.

5. Insurance We recommend that insurance options be enabled at the checkout for dispatch of higher value orders.

6. Warranties Some items are sold with manufacturer's warranty applying. You would need to deal direct with the manufacturing company, or in some cases the importer, for warranty claims, however, GrandeVerge will provide onging support in the event you encounter a genuine difficulty in this area. Remember, Grandeverge is simply a goods re-seller, not the manufacturer, thus, GrandeVerge cannot receive, nor make, warranty claims admissions on behalf of the manufacturer.

7. Refunds Please ask us via e-mail before ordering to enquire if any refund arrangements apply for any particular product or item. Some of our suppliers will take stock back, but charge a fee for doing so and on the basis that return freight or postage is also borne by the client and also it needs to be within a given (usually very short) timeframe. We cannot list all items here as the suppliers and products are too many and varied. GrandeVerge happily complies with regulatory requirements for refunds, however, as allowed for in legislation we do not give refunds if you simply change your mind.

8. Ordering Other Items GrandeVerge has stocked it's on line store with items that are specific to the Alpaca industry and to a lesser extent the Equine industry. However, given we have supply arrangements with a large range of manufacturers and wholesalers, we can source a great deal more rural animal and pet products than are listed at the website store. If you have a specific need for other rural items, please let us know your needs via phone or e-mail and our procurements service can arrange to quote and supply.

9. Paying for your Goods You can either choose to direct credit funds to our trading account with the Commonweath Bank, or pay by B-Pay or by Credit Card (Master and Visa only) with the "Paypal" company. Grandeverge does not receive your credit card or account details via any of these methods and you do not actually need to be a Paypal member. Alternatively, you can post us a cheque, which will of course be subject to postage receipt and cheque clearance delays before dispatch of order.

10. Overseas orders The website is now set to take orders from overseas ie outside Australia. Goods are cheaper than listed at the website as GST (Goods and Services Tax) is not applicable to purchases by overseas residents. When you sign up as an overseas member, you will note prices drop by 10% reflecting the non collection of Sales tax for overseas residents. If any item in our store is marked as 'Free Shipping' please note that this only applies for deliveries to Australian residents. Please e-mail us direct if you are making an enquiry from a country other than Australia, to discuss any supply specific issues. Please note that large items, especially, could have prohibitive delivery costs to overseas destinations.

11. Plant and Vegetable matter Plants, or seeds cannot be transported across some state borders (into WA and Tasmania specifically). For the same reason and due to various import restrictions of many countries we do not deliver plant and seed to any overseas addresses. Orders for these items cannot be completed for the above states or countries other than Australia, and if submitted on-line will be cancelled and monies funded.



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