Camrosa Ointment 500gm


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Does your alpaca or llama scratch and have sore, itchy skin or callused dry skin and fleece loss or shearing sores? 

Camrosa is a multi-purpose ointment:


Camrosa Ointment is an effective water repellent barrier against mites, flies, midges on alpacas and llamas, and against some of the effects of pollution and the sun, all of which can affect llama and alpaca skin.


Problems, such as mites, can lead to itchy, dry skin on alpacas and llamas, resulting in scratching and loss of fleece.


The ointment promotes the natural healing process of cracks, sores, callused skin, fixed scabs, superficial wounds and soothes itchy, irritated, dry skin, keeping the skin supple.


If your alpaca or llama has loss of fleece, Camrosa helps to promote good skin condition, which is necessary for healthy fleece regrowth.


When shearing llamas and alpacas small nicks or sores can occur. Camrosa Ointment is an effective barrier, which promotes the natural healing process.


Camrosa Ointment is economical to use and long lasting in all weather. It does not melt in heat or wash off in rain.


Camrosa Ointment lifts away any crusty, callused, dry skin, promoting the natural healing process, resulting in healthy skin and fleece regrowth.


Imported direct from the manufacturer in the UK, we are proud to offer this new product to the Aussie market. Also terrific for skin conditions and wounds in all other species including horses, dogs, cats, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, birds, rabbits and exotics.


Supplied with a 30 page information boooklet.

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