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    Photos thanks to Renata de la Croix (above) and Karen Caldwell (below)


Why cover your Alpaca Fleece? Here's Plenty of reasons!!


1. Vegetable Matter (VM). Too much in your fleece will reduce the price you get for it.


2. Soil Stains. We all know alpacas love to roll and fleeces can become stained from richer soils.


3. Sun and the elements. UV damage to the fleece can be eliminated resulting in less tips.


4. Shearing. Is quicker and with less sand, dirt & VM clogging the combs and cutters, there is less toil on expensive equipment. Aside from happier shearers, the reduction to the time your alpacas are restrained lessens stress on the animals.


5. Peace of mind. Provides some protection from the elements if you suffer a cold snap post shearing. Indeed, even at any other time of year alpacas subjected to much rain and drenching of their fleece can be susceptible to fierce wind chills and the covers will provide protection cutting the wind's sheer.


6. Longer Fleece. Animals that have been covered for long periods can achieve up to 10% extra annual fleece growth. In cold weather, your animal is warmer, therefore it expends less energy on staying warm, which can be diverted to fleece growth.


7. Showtime. The fleece of your animals will be maintained in peak condition for judging.




Alpaca Covers

These covers are made from long lasting UV fortified nylon material that breathes and grows soft tipless clean wool. They are elastic sided for fitting to tail and neck. These covers are designed as a 'shearing to shearing' cover option. The rear legs straps are permanent 'step through' designs which means the cover will stay put on your alpacas. We have used them as show covers from time to time by cutting the straps and fixing snap lock buttons, but there are superior options for the types of cover used for this purpose, without the mucking around.




When you run your fingers through your Alpaca fleeces you'll be delighted with the cleaner, richer, more luxurious and 'greasier' feel - just the way it should be.


Please read all the following prior to ordering .....



Warning!! - Washing the covers can remove their protective UV coating and is not recommended. If you HAVE to wash them, front loading tumble washing may be possible and commercial tumble washing is the best option. Avoid dry cleaning which can remove the neck stiffeners. The manufacturer / supplier gives no warranty to washed covers.


Recommendation - To reduce the incidence of injury to animals wearing covers for the first time they should be yarded in a small area for a period to adjust to the sound and feel of their cover. They could tend to run, with a possibility of self injury trying to get away from the new sounds and feeling of confinement around the tops of the legs.


Bulk Order Discounts - If you order more then either 50, or 100 units respectively, additional discounts apply. Please Email Us your needs and advise and we will quote you accordingly.


Sizing - You can self assess size requirements by using a tape measure along the backline. When measuring a freshly shorn animal, the cover should fit loosely, therefore, add an additional 5cm to the measure.


Need help or tips on fitting and care? - Karen Caldwell, owner of Wyona Alpaca Stud in NSW is an advocate of the use of Alpaca Covers and with many years of experience with them has made herself available to answer any specific queries you may Have. Use this link to E-mail Karen with your question.


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