McCulloch Medical Constant Delivery Resuscitator (Foals)


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Save a Life!!

The McCulloch Medical Constant Delivery Resuscitator/Aspirator is a simple to use, hand-held device to clear respiratory passages and pump air into a struggling newborn animal’s lungs.

Designed for breeders, veterinarians and farm managers present when a newborn is born with a heartbeat but is not breathing, the McCulloch Medical Constant Delivery Resuscitator/Aspirator has saved hundreds of distressed newborn calves and foals since its introduction. The device enables you to breathe for it until it can breathe for itself, or until a veterinary professional arrives.

As a management tool, if it only ever saves you one life, then it will have been worth it. Don't regret putting it off.



Is Free within Australia!!!! Overseas clients please contact us for a quote for delivery to your country.


How it Works                                                   

One person can operate the McCulloch Medical Respirator/Aspirator using a simple push-pull action. Valves at each end do all the work. On the wide end there are two, one-way induction valves. On the narrow end there is one, two-way valve.




a) Aspiration

  • Attach the aspirator mask on the wide end and place over the muzzle
  • One-way induction valves draw air in on the out stroke
  • A vacuum is created when the device is pumped to remove any mucus or
    fluids that may by blocking the airway
  • Four or five pumps will draw the mucus or fluids into the aspirator mask
  • Remove the aspirator mask from the pump and begin resuscitation steps

b) Resuscitation

  • Attach the resuscitation mask to the small end of the device and place over the muzzle
  • The one-way valve will induct air into the device on the out stroke and drive
    it down through the two-way valve into the lungs on the in-stroke
  • The two-way valve then opens and allows carbon dioxide to escape to the side as to NOT reintroduce oxygen-depleted air
  • Life-saving oxygen is delivered to the lungs at a constant tidal volume
  • Resuscitator should be pumped every 5 to 10 seconds
  • Breathing should be stimulated with as few as 5 to 10 pumps





Kit Contents 









  • Performance-tested resuscitator
  • Aspirator mask
  • Resuscitator mask
  • Oxygen adapter
  • Oxygen recovery mask
  • Carrying case
  • Instructions
  • 2-year warranty












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