McCulloch Medical Constant Delivery Resuscitator (Lambs & Crias)


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Save a Life!!

The McCulloch Medical Constant Delivery Resuscitator/Aspirator is a simple to use, hand-held device to clear respiratory passages and pump air into a struggling newborn animal’s lungs.

Designed for breeders, veterinarians and farm managers present when a newborn is born with a heartbeat but is not breathing, the McCulloch Medical Constant Delivery Resuscitator/Aspirator has saved hundreds of distressed newborn calves and foals since its introduction. The device enables you to breathe for it until it can breathe for itself, or until a veterinary professional arrives.

As a management tool, if it only ever saves you one life, then it will have been worth it. Don't regret putting it off!



Is FREE within Australia. Overseas clients please e-mail us for a delivery quote to your country.


How it Works                                                   

One person can operate the McCulloch Medical Respirator/Aspirator using a simple push-pull action. Valves at each end do all the work. On the wide end there are two, one-way induction valves. On the narrow end there is one, two-way valve. 


a) Aspiration

  • Attach the aspirator mask on the wide end and place over the muzzle
  • One-way induction valves draw air in on the out stroke
  • A vacuum is created when the device is pumped to remove any mucus or
    fluids that may by blocking the airway
  • Four or five pumps will draw the mucus or fluids into the aspirator mask
  • Remove the aspirator mask from the pump and begin resuscitation steps

b) Resuscitation

  • Attach the resuscitation mask to the small end of the device and place over the muzzle
  • The one-way valve will induct air into the device on the out stroke and drive
    it down through the two-way valve into the lungs on the in-stroke
  • The two-way valve then opens and allows carbon dioxide to escape to the side as to NOT reintroduce oxygen-depleted air
  • Life-saving oxygen is delivered to the lungs at a constant tidal volume
  • Resuscitator should be pumped every 5 to 10 seconds
  • Breathing should be stimulated with as few as 5 to 10 pumps






Kit Contents

Easy to use 3 piece set up.
Directions printed on the hand pump for fast access & action. Kit inclusions are;

  • Performance tested resuscitator
  • Aspirator Mask
  • Resuscitator Mask
  • Carrying Case
  • Instructions
  • 2 year Warranty

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