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Ranvet's "White Health" Antiseptic Cream for Horses and all other animals.

Ranvet's White Healer is an astringent and germicidal ointment for use as an aid in the treatment of minor skin ailments and infections of horses and all other animals. Formulated for treatment of the following conditions:
  • Greasy Heel -- Rain Scald -- Mud Fever
White Healer is also an effective aid in the treatment of:
  • Skin irritations -- Skin Infections -- Cracked Heels -- Girth Rash
Anti-microbial Activity

The new blend of essential oils in is effective against all three categories of infectious organisms; bacteria, fungi and viruses.

White Healer has a four percent w / w Essential Oil Blend in a zinc cream base to provide a soothing cream with exceptional anti-microbial properties.

In laboratory tests at the concentration presented, this blend of essential oils totally inhibits the growth of Dermatophilus congolensis the fungus-like bacterium responsible for greasy Heel and Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas bacteria which may be associated with secondary infection of the pastern and heel.
More effective Than Standard Tea Tree Oil

The new blend of essential oils is the product of over 15 years research by Dr Lyall Williams at the Macquarie University School of Chemistry. The Inherent anti-microbial activity of standard tea tree oil has been shown to increase by over 30 percent with the addition of only two parts per hundred of the new Essential Oil Blend. This was measured by the increase in the radius of the zone of inhibition of growth of Dermatophilus inoculum.
Greasy Heel / Mud Fever

Generally associated with wet and muddy conditions, greasy Heel is a bacterial infection of the back of the pastern and heel. Constant wetting and abrasion from soil or gravel can provide entry to Dermatophilus and other bacteria.
Heel greasy can cause chronic lameness and the heel area can develop dermatitis with oozing and swelling Scab formation.
Contact your veterinarian to establish the cause and predisposing to determine treatment. It is generally advised to move the animal away from damp areas and keep the legs dry.
Wash with soap and water and pat dry - do not rub - to clean any dirt or dried discharge from the affected area. To make certain the area is absolutely dry apply talcum powder and dust off. Apply Ranvet's White Healer liberally to the affected area once or twice daily until the condition is resolved. It is generally not necessary to bandage.
Consult your veterinarian if the condition does not improve; if pasterns are swollen and oozing, or if your animal is lame.
Pack Size = 500g screw-top tub.

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