Zolvix® (Classic) Drench 2.5 Litre


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This Classic form of Zolvix drench, whilst still manufactured is now difficult to get. Our wholesalers have decided to routinely stock only the new version called "Zolvix Plus". If stock becomes available again we will get it in.


Zolvix®is a new anthelmintic treatment whose active ingredient Monepantel is the new Amino-Acetonitrile Derivative (AAD) class or simply the ‘Orange’ Class of drenches as opposed to the ‘white’ and ‘clear’ drench groups we are used to. It is the first NEW Class of drench developed since the 1980’s. The active ingredient has a unique mode of action that targets a receptor in nematodes that literally paralyses the worm resulting in it's death.


The safety profile is impressive because this is also the first drench that was seriously developed to work in a certain way. In that sense while the other drenches work to varying degrees, but the science of why they work is not so clear. This means the Novartis company, with it’s many years and multi millions of dollars worth of investment have developed the Zolvix® product with a high level broad spectrum efficacy that counters all major sheep worms and multi resistant strains with 99.9% effectiveness, but that is also safe by both adults and young animals and during pregnancy.
The manufacturers claim that Zolvix is non toxic to the many organisms and systems required to maintain productive pastures and healthy waterways. No concerns have emerged regarding dung beetles, earthworms, algae, daphnia or soli microflora. The active ingredient is claimed to present no risk of cancer, fertility problems or genetic mutation. Zolvix has been tested in sheep as young as 2 weeks of age and at doses 10 times the recommended amount.
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Is Zolvix® expensive?  Well the answer is sort of yes and no. Remember the producer is Novartis who are a Research & Development company. That means they lead the way in developing new products to keep our animals safe and maximise the efficiency of any farming operation and are to be applauded for doing so. However, that requires a very significant investment of funds. Thus, they maintain the patent for a good number of years which enables them to hopefully recoup the investment made by charging a price to recover the development cost. In future when the patent expires, other companies will be able to move in after all the hard yards have been done and copy and drive down the price. For now you need to consider that you have the latest technology that is the most effective drench option available. The other price consideration is the lower dose rate that Zolvix requires. At only 1ml per 10kg bodyweight you are using around half the amount of most other drench classes.
Pack Size = 2.5 litre
Bigger pack sizes available but not routinely held in stock. Contact us for prices. Lead times apply.
Should I use Zolvix exclusively? The answer is definitely NO!!! The Novartis people want to maintain the very highest efficacy of their product for as many years as possible. As we have learnt from past experience, using the same class of drench over and over leads to drench resistance and the drenches become less effective against the ‘super ‘strains of nematodes.  During a webinar at the 2010 launch they made it very clear that they wanted Zolvix used in conjunction with other drench classes as a combination treatment over a whole year and recommended Zolvix as the first summer drench to deliver a knockout blow early in the season, followed by using products from the other drench groups over the remainder of the year. So, if you run a small operation, consider buying your drenches with your neighbours and make the most of using all the product within it’s shelf life in a smart way that maintains efficacy. If you buy it and use it exclusively and repetetively till it is all gone, you will be contributing to the earlier demise of the product and not doing your animals any favours either.


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