Tree Lucerne (Weeping Tagasaste) Seed Pack 50gm



The ultimate fodder crop!


A prostrate cultivar of regular tagasaste produced in Western Australia. Despite it’s higher initial seed investment costs, you’ll save much more in the long run as the ongoing management costs is significantly lower.


Weeping Tagasaste is a natural mutation of the standard vertical form. Instead of growing vertical it ‘weeps’ and grows prostrate resulting in less mechanical pruning costs, as is required of the standard form to keep it within the browsing range of your animal species. After the discovery of the mutation it has been further cultivated to promote its characteristics to graziers. The seed is sourced from the developmental farm in Western Australia.


Established Weeping Tagasaste


Produces high quality green feed available for most of the year. Grows well in most soil types, but does best on sandy country that otherwise struggle to produce an income. Drought tolerant and frost resistant, it tolerates some climatic variation.


Hard Grazed Weeping Tagasaste


Weeping Tagasaste recovered from grazing in 6 weeks.


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