Burgon & Ball Shears 5.0"



These larger shears are ideal for tougher work than the 3.5 "model. Also useful as general purpose Clippers on other animals. 30cm overall length. Blades 13cm long.

About Burgon & Ball -- "Burgon & Ball of Sheffield UK, are one of the world's oldest manufacturers of blade shears, shears having been making since 1730. They are now one of the last shear manufacturers in the world who still hand-finish all shears, and know all there is to know about making shear. One of their most well-known brands is the TUS, marketed widely in Australasia and South America. TUS stands for Shear Trade Union, and was the standard for the shearing industry in these regions for decades, until the advent of mechanical shearing in the late 19th century. Shearing blade still has a firm place in modern sheep farming, particulary in high country areas where blades can leave more wool on the sheep to reduce hypothermia. "

CARE OF YOUR B & B SHEARS -- Use the Burgon & Ball Blade Sharpener (also available to purchase at this website) for a quick touch-up each time you start work, and at periods through the day. At the end of work wipe the shears down with an oily rag, and store safely where blades will not get dented or damaged.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 20 July, 2009.

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